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What Others are Saying...

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Investment insights that you will typically not find in the mainstream financial media.  Here we include links to articles, podcasts, videos, etc., on financial topics that will impact every investor in one form or another.

Some of this work might seem like 'inside baseball' due to the content's technical nature. Understood, and as always, we would be pleased to discuss this content with you. Also, note our portfolio risk measurement process at the end of this document where we ask, 'Is Your Portfolio Right for You?'

Post Number 4, Date: Apr-8-2021
How to Spot a Bubble

Post Number 3, Date: 01-25-2021
Waiting for the Last Dance

Post Number 2, Date: 12-11-2020
Is Passive Investing Creating a Bubble? 

Post Number 1, Date: 11-05-2020
The End Game

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