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Is Your Portfolio Right for You?

Let’s find out by asking…

What is Your Risk Number?

Are your current investments aligned with YOUR investment goals and expectations?

As we all know, the global financial markets have responded tremendously to the past decade plus of global central bank monetary polices. i.e. asset prices, stocks, bonds and real estate have all gone up in price as a result.

Let us help you determine if your current investment holdings are right for you. 

  • Maybe they are too conservative, or just the opposite, too aggressive?  
  • Maybe they are right where they need to be, but how do you know, how do you measure that?

Let us help!  Our process will determine that for you.

Capture you Risk Tolerance

See if your portfolio fits you.


 Ok, How do I Start?

You can either schedule a meeting with us, or you may simply begin by clicking the link at the bottom of the page to calculate your Risk Number.

Comparing your Risk Number to your Portfolio

Now that you have calculated your Risk Number, how does that number compare to your actual portfolio holdings?

  • Too much risk?
  • Too conservative?
  • Just right?

 What if the market drops significantly? Or, what if the market goes up significantly instead?

Let’s put your portfolio onto the treadmill; just like the doctor’s office when doing a ‘stress test’.

Let’s Stress Test your Portfolio.

Let’s see how your current portfolio will fair in any one of these conditions:

  • Bull Market (Prices generally rise)
  • Bear Market (Prices generally fall)
  • Financial Crisis
  • Rising Interest Rates


Any ‘hot spots’ we need to know about?

Are there any individual holdings that will cause loss of sleep over?

  • Maybe they don’t generate enough income?
  • Maybe they flucutate too much in price?
  • Let’s have a look and see if there are any ‘hot spots’ and modify accordingly, ok?

Yes! That feels like me.

Congratulations. Once you have determined your Risk Number, and then we have aligned your current portfolio to your Risk Number, then yes, you DO have the portfolio that is right for you, one that ‘feels like you’. Let’s get started Go Here to create your Risk Number now