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Tax Planning

We work alongside your other trusted A-level advisors, including your CPA, estate attorney, and any other professional partners you think we need to engage. This teamwork ensures that coordinated decisions are being made on your behalf by all team members. In our view, we essentially create the virtual 'Family Office' for our clients by working with their other trusted professional partners. 

From owning your own business to having multiple streams of income, we can help make sure your numbers stay in order so nothing falls through the cracks. Even if you don’t relate to the situations above, our team can guide you through all the necessary documents and forms so you’re well-prepared once filing season arrives. In fact, we are pleased to upload your annual tax documents to our secure document vault and share them with your tax preparer during tax season.

Provide Recommendations
As we are not licensed tax professionals, we work with your experts in this area to ensure that your income, asset sales and spending are done in the most tax-efficient way. We understand the use of 'tax-loss harvesting' (also known as, 'after-tax alpha') within our investment management strategies and employ those strategies where it is warranted. 

Give Insight
We will give insight into which investments, and account structures will offer the most advantages in terms of taxes and returns.

Establish Actionable Next Steps
Discover common tax deductions, as well as your optimal filing status for the season.

Stay Ahead of Filing Season