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Commodity Demand: The Decarbonization of Fossil Fuels to Electric; Electric Vehicles, Solar Panels to Windmills.

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As western societies look to ‘green’ (aka, decarbonize fossil fuels) their infrastructures, including the move from ICE (internal combustion engines) to EV (electric vehicles), this page serves as a reminder of the quantum increase needed in the commodity industries to build these vehicles and meet the demand for these projects. This viewpoint would extend to windmills, solar panels, and other ‘E’ related projects, not just automobiles.

1.) Commodity use in all things ‘electric'.

Let’s start here: ICE are quickly being mandated out of existence as the data below illustrates. 

“With the world gravitating towards EVs and countries already announcing future bans on gasoline cars, the push to electrify transportation will require large amounts of rare earth metal production.”

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